Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

No one wakes up in the morning and shouts, “I want to be un-healthy!”, so it’s a given that good health ranks high on the list of people’s priorities. However, the prevalence of fast food restaurants and the popularity of junk foods in the supermarket, doesn’t seem to support this fact. Regardless of the plethora of choices we have in non-nutritional foods, most people will agree that eating a well balanced diet combined with exercise is good for you. It is also well known that controlling the level of sugar in one’s body is good for overall health as excess sugar can lead to weight gain or even worse, the development of Type 2 diabetes. Prevention is the best medicine, as the saying goes, so learning to lower blood sugar naturally is key to avoiding the problem in the first place. For those who are already diabetics, this information will still be helpful.

First off, we are going with the assumption that you understand that throughout your life, your body processes all types of nutrients that you supply it with. When there is excess sugar in the bloodstream, the body releases more of the hormones known as insulin and glucagon to regulate it. The problem usually occurs when one is overweight and the pancreas becomes overworked or simply due to genetic reasons, and the body can’t compensate anymore by becoming insulin resistant. The goal then is to lower blood sugar naturally and avoid resorting to injections for the rest of your life. To be able to do this, one has to be personally motivated for any chance of success.


Having an un-healthy diet is probably the reason you’re researching ways to lower blood sugar naturally, so this is most important section to focus on. Everyone is different so approaching this by simply accepting all you that you read won’t work. Keep a food journal and monitor everything you eat to see how it effects you. This doubles as a weight loss tool since it makes you more conscious if you have to write down everything you ingest. Eat organically grown foods and stay away from processed ones. Apples, jambul fruit and grapefruit are known fruits that help to reduce sugar levels. Sprinkle some natural cinnamon on your food as this is also a good remedy. Spread your meals out over 2 to 3 hour intervals to keep good blood sugar levels, which can also aid in speeding up your metabolism.


By working out, you will strengthen your muscles which leads to them burning sugar more efficiently. Regular exercise will also have the effect of changing your body composition, reducing the amount of excess fat and thus leading to a more efficient body overall. One doesn’t have to become a fitness fanatic but finding activities you enjoy, especially with a partner will help to make this part of the process more fun.

Stress Management

Adequate rest and reduction of stress is often neglected but a critical component to regulating proper blood levels. When one is stressed, excess cortisol is produced and this inhibits the effects of insulin. Getting a massage, participating in hydrotherapy or whatever is appropriate for you is the first step to relaxing. Less stress will lead to everything else being more enjoyable.

As one can see, there are many ways to naturally reduce the amount of sugar in the blood stream. We’ve only scratched the surface as there are many herbs known to assist in this process as well. However, we’ve covered the most important things that can have the greatest effect. Follow them and lead a long and healthy life.